IN PRE-K 3and 4:

Week of March 23rd 
  • Complete Week 2 of Enrichment Packet
    • Forming and Writing the Letter I (Pre-K 4) and Letter B (Pre-K 3)
    • Writing and Counting Numbers 6 to 10
    • Drawing and Exploring the Season of Spring
Week of March 30th
  • Daily emails will be provided with assignments and activities for the children
    • Epic! Books and Videos about weather and spring
    • Forming and Writing the letter Gg (Pre-K 4) and Letter R (Pre-K 3)
    • Daily Morning Meeting Videos by Mrs. Youngers
    • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Activities
    • STREAM Experiments on Video by Mrs. Youngers 
    • Creative Thinking Assignments through Journals and Drawings 
Weekly Specials for Pre-K 3:
  • Library with Mrs. Barrett on Mondays (Pre-K 4) and Wednesday (Pre-K 3)
  • Gym with Mr. Elrich on Tuesdays
  • Art with Mrs. V on Tuesdays (Pre-K 3) and Thursday (Pre-K 4)
  • Music with Mr. Umberger on Wednesdays
  • Computers with Mrs. Ward on Wednesday (Pre-K 4)
  • Spanish with Mrs. Morales on Thursdays
  • Buddies with 6th Grade on Fridays
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